JQ Flavours



"It's my favourite for hotpot, a definite must for Chinese New Year for my family! - Chef Justin Quek".


Almost 30 years ago as a trainee chef at the famous Oriental Bangkok, a particular sauce he had tasted whilst helping to prepare a dish impressed a young Justin, and this taste never left his memory. Intrigued by its gratifying nuances, Chef Justin gradually developed over the years his own version of the relishable sauce he had tasted. From festive celebrations to hotpot get-togethers, especially during the Chinese New Year, Chef Justin has made this special sauce to share with his family and friends. It has since become such a signature homemade sauce that they have clamoured for him to share it with more people.

It has always been Chef Justin's passion to share more of his food, inspiration and special touch, and to pass his knowledge on to the next generation of professional chefs as well as the home cook. As such, Chef Justin has distilled the essence of his signature dishes into a series of unique Asian sauces of the highest quality made only from the best condiments.

UNIQUENESS – there are nothing else like them on the market

The first of Chef Justin Quek’s Flavors of Asia Ready-made Sauces & Dips to be introduced is the Chilli Sesame & Coriander Dip. Sweet, tangy and savoury, this aromatic sauce is delectably fragrant in the mouth, with a spiciness that does not overpower. Add to taste freshly chopped coriander, finely cut chilli or chopped garlic, and this becomes the perfect dipping sauce for seafood and hotpot, and everyone knows how especially popular hotpot is as a family dish over Chinese New Year.


With Chef Justin's own special recipes and his constant uncompromising standards towards achieving the highest quality, diners everywhere are assured of a quality sauce that satisfies with every dip. Moreover, even though they may have hectic lifestyles, many home chefs still prefer to prepare quality food that is convenient and nutritious for their families. The availability of these Sauces & Dips fulfills Chef Justin’s dream to aid the home chef and free them up so that they can spend time where it really matters – with the family.

The product is gluten-free, and is currently awaiting halal certification so that it will also be suitable for Muslims.