Justin Quek

Justin Quek is one of Asia’s most celebrated chefs. With his modern approach to French cuisine that melds a mastery of technique with a delicacy of touch, he singlehandedly put Singapore on the global gastronomic map, and in the process inspired a new generation of chefs.

Chef Justin discovered his passion for the culinary world at a tender age, fast understanding that the only way to succeed in such a competitive field was through discipline and dedication. In a career that has spanned over three decades, he has risen through the ranks, starting as a trainee at the Mandarin Oriental in Singapore followed by The Oriental in Bangkok, and these experiences spurred him on to pursue his dream. He withdrew his life savings to finance a year’s trip to Europe, where he worked in the kitchens of some of the most feted Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. Here he honed not only his skills but established his own personal culinary style, which marries the precision of French technique with contemporary finesse, and occasional deft hints at his Chinese heritage.

On returning to Singapore in the early ‘90s, Chef Justin chose to pursue an independent path and became the first Singaporean to be appointed personal chef to the French ambassador. In 1994 he joined famed restaurant Les Amis as opening chef de cuisine and partner, and for close on a decade was at the helm of arguably the most influential fine dining restaurant in Asia, garnering a steadfast following and accolades from around the world.

At the pinnacle of his fame, Chef Justin was driven by a passion for new challenges, he left Singapore and set his sights to explore the region. His 6-year tenure overseas brought him across to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai, where he operated as chef-owner of fine-dining French establishments and as a professional consultant. It was also during this time that Chef Justin’s Asian pride and heritage was brought to the forefront and inspired his next phase of cuisine.

In 2010 Chef Justin was invited by Marina Bay Sands to return to Singapore to open and helm as Principal Chef the breathtaking 240-seater fine-dining restaurant Sky on 57. Located at level 57 of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the all-day restaurant houses a bar, lounge, main and private dining rooms, and an outdoor terrace that offers amazing ocean and city views, from dawn to dusk.

Sky on 57 offers Modern Franco-Asian cuisine, delivered with Principal Chef Justin’s usual finesse and his emphasis on premium ingredients, techniques and flavours. He marries South East Asian ingredients with European influences, and showcases his intuition and dexterity in harmonising Asian dishes with modern French technique.

The result is distinctive creations such as Nordic Crab Vermicelli, Maine Lobster Hokkien Mee and Wok Fried Asian Black Pepper Japanese OMI Wagyu Beef; accompanied by authentic Asian sauces and home-made condiments. Other signature dishes include the Lobster “Marco Polo”, created using fresh egg pasta and lobster in a slightly spicy, home-made XO sauce; and classic dishes like JQ's signature Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao, which infuses the favourite Asian dumpling with the silky-smooth texture of the goose liver.

"With Sky on 57, I’m able to showcase my Asian heritage and giving a modern interpretation to a familiar cuisine. Using my European techniques to take Asian and homegrown food to a higher level. It’s about bringing out the best of both worlds and creating a fine balance."
– Principle Chef Justin Quek.


In 2013, Chef Justin won Chef of the Year in I-S Readers' Choice Awards 2013.
In 2009, Chef Justin received the World Gourmet Summit Award of Excellence Hall of Fame Best chef.
In 2005, Chef Justin received the at-sunrice GlobalChef Award.
In 2004, Chef Justin received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 8th Annual New World Food and Wine Festival.
In 2003 and 2004, Chef Justin won the title of San Pellegrino Chef of the Year.
In 2001, the title of Best Chef of the Year was conferred upon Chef Justin at the inaugural World Gourmet Summit (WGS) Awards.

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